Pashupati Nath Temple
Krishna Mandir

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Here are the world's highest mountains towering above populated valleys and forested plains. Enchantment is everywhere, be it on the shoulders of high mountains, on terraced farmlands meticulously carved, on cascading mountain rivulets and great rushing rivers, or in forests full of wildlife, flowers and birdsong.
Nepal provides something for everybody - tourists, trekker, river runner, wildlife enthusiast, artist, scholar, or the weary in search of a personal Shangrila ...
At Newa Travels, we constantly strive to redefine the frontiers of customer satisfaction. And in our quest we have built up an enviable infrastructure that will cater to your varied needs. We have packages that suit all interests and budgets, and we specialise in offering customised packages. So while you enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas, or the excitement of white water rafting, we will quietly take care of all the details behind the scenes. We invite you to come and discover paradise. On your return, we shall burden you with a little extra luggage - a bagful of cherished memories.