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Nepal: Mountain Flights

mountain_flight.jpgFrom the HIGHEST MOUNTAINS to the DEEPEST GORGE

Discover the ancient mysteries, enjoy the majestic views and bask in the splendid scenery of some of the World's Highest Mountains.

Nepal is marked by difficult terrain and it is not possible for the trekker to reach remote destination by foot. Mountain flights offer the easier way out to behold majestic Himalayan peaks. Such flights take an hour at the most for mountain viewers and are organized by all domestic airlines.

Beating the Monsoon

You need not worry even if there are monsoon clouds on the day of your mountain flight because they are usually up to 20000 feet. But the flight you take will fly over these clouds operating at 25000 feet. Thus, the spectacular Himalayas will not be hidden from you even during the monsoon.

The Everest Experience Flight

The awe-inspiring Mt. Everest, in its entire majestic splendor, is at your disposal on this spectacular "Everest Experience" flight. On this flight, we fly past other high peaks like Dorje - Lakpa, Chhoba - Bhamare, Gauri - Shankar, Cho - Oyu, Pumori, Nuptse, Lhotse, and Amadablam. This is the closet and highest view of Mt. Everest you can ever hope to see in your lifetime. Do not miss it! As you'll find yourself saying, " I did not climb Mt. Everest but I touched it with my heart".


Kissing Kanchenjunga

This is the most Spectacular Mountain Flight ever flown. On this flight we exhibit the closet possible aerial views of Mt. Everest and Kanchenjunga (the highest and the third highest mountains in the world). In addition to the "Everest Experience," this flight goes beyond Mt. Everest and shows the Tibetan Plateau, Kumbhakarna, Talung, Kabru, and Kanchenjunga mountains.

The Golden Experience Flight

This is a Sunset Mountain Flight. This flight was introduced just recently i.e. from 28 January 1998. No flight has ever been scheduled in the history of aviation in Nepal before this. The view on this flight is UNIQUE to say the least. The natural colors of the setting sun reflected on the snowy peaks is a sight full of raw emotions and at the same time, one of the most calming and serenely beautiful sights on Earth. Enough to last a lifetime.

Hot Air Ballooning

Flying 3000m above the Kathmandu valley safely perched on a wicker basket opens up vast vistas of enchanting sights accessible only to the initiated. Breathe easily in the fresh, crisp air of the quintessential Kathmandu dawn as you absorb the 360-degree view of awe-inspiring landscape - lush green hills, terraced fields enriched by nature's colors, rerra-cotta structures huddled together like watchful sentinels, a gilded temple stupa. Each one bathed by the first golden rays of the rising Sun.

Look right on and there before you rise in majestic splendor the fabled Himalayan peaks. Illumined by the stray strands of sunlight the snow-capped Gosainthan, Phurbi-Gyachu, Gauri-Shankar, Chhoba-Bhamare, Melungste, Cho-Oyu, Chomolungma and Gyanchungkang all stand to greet you and lull you into a dreamlike state, that will live on as memories forever.

Where but in this Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal will you experience such breathtaking sights at minimal costs and maximum safety.

Ride the winds with hot air balloon and experience the most mesmerizing sky ride over Kathmandu - the moment that makes dreams a reality.

Helicopter Mountain Flight

After taking off from Kathmandu, we head towards the mountain resort of Kakani, where the mighty Himalayan range awaits you with all its majesty. To the north, Mt. Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang and various other peaks can be seen. On the southern side, the entire Kathmandu valley will be visible. As we head towards Nagarkot to the east, Mt. Dorje Lakpa, Gauri Shankar and many other great peaks are visible and on a clear day, Mt. Everest can be seen, too.

This mountain flight is also a cultural experience. During the flight, the Helambu Valley, the home of the Tamang and Sherpa people, with their small mountain hamlets and villages can be seen. As we descend for our return, we fly over the ancient cities of Bhaktapur, Patan and Kirtipur. You have a close view of ancient temples and stupas before landing in Kathmandu.

Langtang Valley Tour

In few minutes, the landscape of the Kathmandu Valley changes almost drastically into high alpine country. The transformation is so immediate to be unbelievable, but you will know it is true. The Sherpas and the Tamangs inhabit the Langtang Valley. The valley's pristine purity is still intact and unmarred by the crowded modern world. The Langtang-Lirung range of mountains will gently dominate you. The flight may instigate you to come back for a trek into Langtang National Park, famous for the rate Himalayan Red Panda and Yak Cheese, memorable for it's little markets and holy monasteries.

Everest Tour: The Ultimate Himalaya

First a flight to Lukla, a favorite tourist and trekker's spot. Landing at Lukla is quite an experience. Hills and mountains hem in the airport built by Sir Edmund Hillary in the bygone days. Lukla is Sherpa territory, yet trekkers crowd it in thousands from all over the world, on their way to the Everest country. Your mountain flight providing a 3-dimesional vision of the mountains, whose nearness is the prime attraction of the flight. The massive Everest hulk is the domination feature here, surrounded by other mighty mountains in their own rights. At Shyangboche, the serenity and peace if its neighborhood and surroundings will give you an impression of a harmonious blend of people and place. The fragility of the environment in its delicateness will not escape your attention. This is your flying visit to Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

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