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Tibet: Mount Kailash

Pilgrimage to Mansarovar and the Holy Mt. Kailash

mt-kailash-500.jpgMount. Kailash is also one of the highestf mountain in Tibet ( 22,022 ft). Likewise, lake Manasarovar lying at 14,950 ft. is the highest fresh-water lake in tahe world. The distance from Lhasa is approximately 2,000km. Only during the last few years have travellers beens been able to experience this region. Road conditions are difficult much of the time and we have jto make many preparations to ensure that we have a reasonable chance of reaching Kailash. We need to bring our own food and camping equipment. Basic lodges and teahouses can be found but they are rare. To travel for days on this remote plateau with the chance encounters of no mats herding their sheep or yaks is to be transferred into another way fo life, to see and become part of such a devout pilgrimage as shown by pilgrims around Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar is to put some aspects of our western way of life into their proper perspective.

MT. KAILASH TOUR: General Information

Accomodation: Accommodation at Zhangmu and Darchen Ju Hotel in Darchen is on a dormitory basis. Individual room will not be available. The rooms at these places are very basic without any modern amenities. During the rest of the journey two men high altitude tents will be providing. While camping we shall be providing all tents, mattress, sleeping bags and camping equipment required for the trip, expect for personal clothing, no laundry services will be available through the trip.

Food and Beverage: We will be providing vegetarian breakfast and dinner cooked by our Sherpas at campsite, who will be taken from Kathmandu. You will be required to bring sufficient supplementary food like biscuits, light snacks etc.

Transportation: Throughout the journey you will be traveling in Japanese 4 wheel Drive Land Cruiser and no walking is required. A truck will be required for all the luggage and camping gear except between Zhangmu and Kodari and while doing the 'parikarma'. (Cricumblation or Kora).

Staff: Sherpas who are capable to work and cook on high altitude will be accompanying the group. There will be in charge of setting of tents, cooking etc.

Visa and Documentation: You must be in position of a valid passport. We will obtain your visa for Tibet, will require the following information when making your reservation. Full name as it appears in your passport, passport number, date of expiry, place of issue, nationality, date of birth and occupation. Two passport size photographs are also required. Additionally, you must allow a minimum of three full working days in Kathmandu for the visa to be granted in your passport.

Guide / Escort: Tibetan English speaking guide will escort the group throughout the following tours.

Clothing: As temperatures vary greatly between day and night (from 25 degree to below 0 degree centigrade.). It is best to wear layers of warm clothing. The following items are recommended: down jackets, pants gloves, shoes, woolen socks, sun hat, a raincoat or a folding umbrella, woolen sweater, and a light jacket with hood.

potala_palacesm.jpgPhotography: Still camera, home video camera and 8mm movie cameras are allowed in to China special permission in needed for 16mm and 35mm movies cameras.

Insurance: We recommend that you insure yourself.

Medical and Health:
Oxygen cylinders will be provided. At present, no health certificates or innoculations are required for entry into Tibet. However, because of the rugged mountain terrain, high altitude travels, it is advisable to carry the following medicines, insect repellents, band-aids, lozenges, antibiotic ointment, aspirin pills and medication for colds and sickness. It is advisable not to exert oneself and to drink plenty fluids.

Accessories: We recommend that you bring the following items for your journey to make more comfortable.
1 Personal first aid kit
2 Toilet paper

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